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Pulham Market Primary School Planters

Second delivery of Planters scheduled! Back in 2017 KROCUS provided some Planters for the Penguins class at Pulham Market Primary school. These have been well used to plant both vegetables and flowers over the last two years. The Planters were so well received and used by the children that when the Hummingbirds class were also looking to smarten up their outside space KROCUS was more than happy to provide some similar Planters. The delivery of

KROCUS has arrived

Hello! – I’m Kris Andrews. After many hours of thinking about following a dream, today is the first step along a new and exciting path with the creation of ¬†Having for the last twenty years been working in various office based finance roles I am following my heart and moving back to the two things that I have always enjoyed most – Gardening and Carpentry. ¬†From the age of 12 I was involved in